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Free Mac Bundle Giveaway! Dropzone, Socialite and Compartments

Free Mac Bundle Giveaway! Dropzone, Socialite and Compartments

A bundle of three great Mac apps is up for grabs! What’s included? Dropzone, a utility that helps you perform common tasks even faster; Socialite, a convenient way to manage your social networks; and Compartments, the simplest way to inventory and protect your valuables.

Thanks to the folks over at Two Dollar Tuesday – a new site that features a fresh crop of discounted Mac apps every week – we have a bundle of three quality Mac App Store titles to give away for free! Together, these apps are normally worth almost $40. Learn more about each app below, plus find out how to enter to win for free!


Original price: $13.99
Dropzone makes it easier and quicker to do things on your Mac. For example, you can set up actions for moving and working with files, connecting to FTP, installing apps, creating custom shortcuts, and much more – all via drag & drop. If you’re a power user, you can even program your own extensions to give Dropzone additional functionality.


Original price: $9.99
Socialite is for all the social networking addicts out there. It’s an app that gives you convenient access to all of your accounts and services, making it easier for you to stay in touch with others and post status updates, photos, links, etc.


Original price: $14.99
Compartments lets you catalog just about everything you own so you can protect it in case of damage or loss. It organizes your belongings, keeps track of warranties, and generates insurance claim reports. To learn more, check out our review of Compartments from a couple years ago.

Win a free bundle of Mac software!

One lucky MacYourself reader will win free licenses for all 3 of the apps in this bundle – Dropzone, Socialite and Compartments! To enter, please leave a comment below, along with a valid email address (this is how we will contact you). In order to avoid spam filter issues, please type a coherent sentence saying you’d like a chance to win. Make sure you have access to the Mac App Store before entering. Multiple entries will be deleted, so please only add one comment per person. And finally, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear on the site immediately — it might be awaiting moderation and will show up shortly.

The winner will be chosen at random based on the comment number he or she happens to be. The lucky guy or girl will be announced on this page, so save this article’s URL and be sure to check back later. All entries must be made by Friday, May 25, 2012 at 11:59pm eastern U.S. time. In the meantime, check out the weekly Mac app discounts at Two Dollar Tuesday. Good luck!

UPDATE – May 26, 2012:
Congratulations to our winner, Edmund! His comment was randomly selected and he has been given free copies of Dropzone, Socialite, and Compartments for Mac! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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I would like to win the the free license bundle. Especially Compartments dounds very interesting…
Looking forword to get yout mail ;-D

I love those apps. It will be great if I can get them!!!

Is this a coherent sentence. Anyway, I would love to win!!

Good luck everyone!

I would love to try these products out and review them. They sound like they are very useful.

I’m still excited with my first Apple (of 13 months) after suffering with Windows PCs over the last 25 years. These 3 products would be quite a treat.

Yes, I want to win! Why not?

Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I will be the lucky one! Compartments and Dropzone look very tempting! :D

Mail me~

Yaaaay! Fingers Crossed. This looks fantastic.

I will like a chance to win! Thanks to the folks at the two dollar tuesday!!! I hope I hear back from ya!

I would really like to win this bundle!!!

This bundle looks great! I really would like to win these apps.

I have wanted to have Dropzone & Compartments for a long time.

I’d like a chance to win!

Please drop me into dropzone! I would love to create custom shortcuts!!