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Video: Never forget a password again with 1Password software

Video: Never forget a password again with 1Password software

Registering as a member on websites is a pain. Having to remember the passwords to those accounts is even more of a pain. Our video tutorial of 1Password will show how you can securely store your login information and use it to auto-fill forms.

Most people have a short list of passwords they use over and over for all of their computer logins — banking, email, shopping, forums, etc. This is a great method for making sure they remember their passwords and aren’t locked out of their accounts, but it is a huge security risk. The other method people commonly use is to come up with unique passwords for each website and then keep them all written on a piece of paper for reference. Again, this is convenient but extremely risky if someone gets ahold of it.

There’s a better way to handle this mess, which is 1Password from Agile Web Solutions — a password manager that is both secure and convenient. I’ve found it to be an extremely helpful tool that enables users to store all of their account information for any number of websites, in addition to credit cards & secure notes, and access them with a single master password. The 1Password software will also automatically fill in web forms with text the user specifies and even has an automatic strong password generator to lower the risk of someone hacking into your accounts.

In our video tutorial of 1Password we’ll give you an overview of what this powerful program can do to help make these tasks easier. We’ll set up a new identity from scratch and use the internet browser plugin to sign up for a new email account. If you’re interested in trying out 1Password after watching, check out their website to read about more features and download a free trial.


Higher Quality iPod/iPhone Compatible Video Link:
1Password for Mac Video Tutorial (m4v format)

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