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MacBundlePro OS X Bundle: 9 applications to improve your Mac

MacBundlePro OS X Bundle: 9 applications to improve your Mac

A new bundle of Mac applications is being offered until May 13th at an 89% discount. For $19.90, Mac users can get 9 software titles focused on making the Mac experience even better.

Since this is a website all about Mac tips, tricks, and tutorials, most of our readers are actively seeking ways to do more with their Macs and keep them running their best. That makes MacBundlePro’s latest OS X Bundle a perfect match. The 9 applications it features are all about improving the user experience, making common tasks easier, and enhancing features already found in Mac OS X. While not every piece of software will appeal to every user, there is plenty to like and make it worth the small cost. The bundle runs until May 13, 2011 and offers buyers the opportunity to purchase $183 worth of Mac software for just $19.90.

Speedy Mac

Speedy MacDeveloped by Altomac, originally priced at $14.99
Speedy Mac is a utility that brings a bunch of functionality to the menu bar for quick and easy assess. It can open recent items, favorite websites, recent text clipboards, and can carry out tasks such as quitting apps, creating folders, ejecting disks, and more.


WhatSizeDeveloped by id-design, originally priced at $12.99
WhatSize is a useful system utility that lets users quickly determine how their disk space is being used. Results can be displayed in a chart and sorted in a list to help figure out where space can be reclaimed. Cleaning tools and duplicate file finders are included as well.


AppDeleteDeveloped by Reggie Ashworth, originally priced at $8.99
AppDelete is a piece of software every Mac user could use. When applications are dragged to the Trash to be uninstalled, they leave behind a number of files. Over time, these unnecessary files can build up and waste space on the hard drive. When an application is uninstalled using AppDelete, however, all traces of that program, widget, preference pane, etc. are deleted too.


RaskinDeveloped by Raskin Software, originally priced at $49.00
Raskin is an alternative desktop interface for Mac OS X, offering a completely new take on computing. It’s an interesting visual way of bypassing traditional file & folder structures, with multitouch trackpad gestures such as zooming and panning being the main methods of interacting with the desktop.


BreezeDeveloped by Autumn Apps, originally priced at $8.00
Breeze is a window management application that allows users to save a window’s state (it’s size and position on the screen) and then apply it like a template to any other window. It works with multiple monitors and even adjusts for resolution differences.


MacTuneUpDeveloped by Macware, originally priced at $34.99
MacTuneUp does exactly what it’s name would suggest – keep a Mac running well with preventative maintenance and discovery of potential problems. It can increase performance by removing clutter, enhance security, create bootable backups, and more.

Protect Files

Protect FilesDeveloped by Apimac, originally priced at $29.00
Protect Files is an easy to use tool that encrypts files and folders. The software can password protect just about anything and then store it on any drive. While Disk Utility can do similar things, it doesn’t offer the same step-by-step guidance as Protect Files, which is great for novices.


QuokkaDeveloped by Mr. Fridge, originally priced at $15.00
Quokka is a utility that power users might find very valuable. It offers 10 clipboards, in addition to the standard Mac OS X clipboard, that are accessible from any application. All types of data are supported (text, photos, files, etc.) as well as keyboard shortcuts and drag & drop. No more switching back and forth between apps to cut/copy/paste content.


ShareDeveloped by bambooapps, originally priced at $9.95
Share is a simple way to push files to other Macs on your local network with no setup or configuration. Preview files with Quick Look, open them in their default applications, or move them to another location with no fuss.

All of these Mac applications are included in the MacBundlePro OS X Bundle, which is available until May 13, 2011 for $19.90.

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