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MacGraPhoto 2: Get 9 Mac graphic applications for $39.99

MacGraPhoto 2: Get 9 Mac graphic applications for $39.99

Following last year’s successful MacGraPhoto bundle – which featured 7 applications – Apparent Software has put together a bigger collection of quality graphics applications for the same price.

As mentioned last year, software bundles aren’t usually posted here on MacYourself. Mac users are a creative bunch, though, and there’s a real demand for simple, easy-to-use software that can help produce graphical projects. The MacGraPhoto 2 bundle, which is only available until the end of November, is offering 9 great graphics applications from a variety of developers for $39.99. Purchased separately, this software would cost a hefty $444.

The great thing about the MacGraPhoto 2 bundle is that there’s something for everyone who works with graphics – whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. Every piece of software included is either an Apple Staff Pick or an Apple Design Award winner, so these aren’t flimsy applications that nobody wants. They’re actually very good for drawing illustrations, manipulating images, creating printed projects, and performing other creative tasks. Each program has a focused specialty, too, which means they’re not bloated and difficult to learn.

Here is the list of applications included in the $39.99 MacGraPhoto 2 bundle. Remember this is a limited time offer which ends on November 30th. Learn more or buy your copy now.


SandvoxDeveloped by Karelia Software, originally priced at $57
Sandvox is an easy-to-use, popular, award-winning, do-it-yourself website builder for Mac. Includes pre-made templates and designs to let creators focus on adding great content to their website.


SnapshotDeveloped by LateNiteSoft, originally priced at $15
Snapshot brings the power of a photo lab to your computer. Printing your digital images has never been easier. You have full control over the print size and how you want to crop, frame, and customize your picture.


SketchDeveloped by Bohemian Coding, originally priced at $53
An innovative and fresh look at vector drawing for the Mac. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools.


ImageFramerDeveloped by Apparent Software, originally priced at $40
ImageFramer is an easy-to-use but powerful application for framing your images and photos with beautiful photo-realistic and artistic frames. ImageFramer provides the ultimate framing experience with a sleek interface and a multitude of features.


LayersDeveloped by wuonm, originally priced at $25
Layers captures every window, every palette, every menu, every menu and status bar icon, every icon on the Desktop, and even the Dock and the Desktop background for each of your connected displays to be saved as separate editable layers in the resulting Photoshop image file.


HydraDeveloped by Creaceed, originally priced at $80
Hydra provides human eye-like perception to your photographs by allowing you to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from a series of regular photographs. Hydra does not require pictures taken with a tripod, as it is usually the case with HDR software.


PosterinoDeveloped by Zykloid, originally priced at $25
With a focus on ease-of-use, Posterino 2 creates life posters, photo collages, frames, postcards, greeting cards and contact sheets from digital images. Posterino does the hard work while users just have to fine tune the results.


AtomicViewDeveloped by AntZero, originally priced at $75
AtomicView is a digital asset manager (DAM) software program that allows users to organize, browse, and output photos, images, videos, and sounds. A flexible and fast video and image conversion and transformation tool optimized for multicore computers.

Swift Publisher

Swift PublisherDeveloped by BeLight Software, originally priced at $45
Swift Publisher is an excellent Macintosh page layout application for designing and printing colorful flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, booklets, etc. A great selection of templates inspires your creativity and a variety of editing tools lets you quickly apply it.

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