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MacGraPhoto: Get 7 Mac graphics applications for less than $40

MacGraPhoto: Get 7 Mac graphics applications for less than $40

Apparent Software has put together an enticing bundle of 7 high-quality graphics programs for the price of one. MacGraPhoto is a two-week special offer made possible by the participation of 7 great Mac developers.

Special deals like this aren’t normally posted here on MacYourself, but knowing how many Mac users are creative types, it seems like a good match. Not to mention these are actually really good programs, unlike some other bundles floating around out there. Whether you’re a graphic designer or just someone who likes to dabble in fun projects, the MacGraPhoto bundle is worth checking out.

Normally priced at over $250 when purchased separately, the 7 applications included in MacGraPhoto are being offered for just $39.99, or about 84% off. Don’t be put off by the low price tag – you’d be surprised how powerful and elegant these programs are. Most of them have been recognized as Apple Staff Picks or given honors such as the Apple Design Award. I wouldn’t call this professional-level software, but casual users might want to quit wasting time with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You’re likely to find these tools are much more user-friendly and get the job done with far less effort.

Here is the list of applications included in the $39.99 MacGraPhoto bundle. Remember this is only a two-week offer which started yesterday (November 16, 2009). Learn more or buy your copy now!

Picturesque – Make images gorgeous

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Acqualia. Originally priced at $30.
Picturesque is an Apple Design Award winning application with a simple goal: to make images more beautiful. Whether you are in web or print, your images can benefit from a touch of Picturesque magic.  With Picturesque, you can easily enhance you pictures with an awesome 3D perspective, 1-click Reflections, curves, shadows, glows & strokes, perform batch processing and more.

ImageFramer – The Mac way to add frames to your pictures

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Apparent Software. Originally priced at $39.
Easy-to-use but powerful application for framing your images and photos with beautiful photo-realistic and artistic frames. You can easily compare multiple framing variations for each image, add watermarks, batch frame many images at once etc. ImageFramer is used by thousands of professional artists, photographers, bloggers or just people who want their family photos to look better.

GraphicConverter – Universal genius for photo editing

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Lemke Software. Originally priced at $35.
More than 1.5 million users worldwide swear by award-winning GraphicConverter – from amateur photographers to professional designers. It’s considered as one of the most used and loved programs on the shareware market. Open and save almost any picture file format, edit and organize your pictures, start a slide show, automate your image processing and much more. It is a universal tool for all tasks related to digital photography.

Funtastic Photos – Makes photos amazing

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Ohanaware. Originally priced at $35.
Amazingly powerful, feature-packed, easy to use little photo editor application. The user interface is clean and uncluttered, but a vast array of photo correction and enhancement tools are included. The editing is non-permanent and easily reversible, with over 50 simple to use 1-Click Styles, an Advanced Effects engine, direct sharing via e-mail, Fun Cards, Cell Phone and popular photo sharing sites. Creative print layouts system with photo mosaics, greeting cards, photo cubes, mini photos books and more.

Graphic Designer Toolbox – Computer generated graphics for designers

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Opcoders. Originally priced at $43.
GraphicDesignerToolbox is a new powerful alternative graphics editor targeted towards professional web designers and artists. It’s concept is very different from other editors – it’s all about using and combining building blocks for bitmap and vector manipulation.

DrawIt – Simply draw it!

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Bohemian Coding. Originally priced at $39.
An easy-to-use and powerful vector image editing and drawing application designed for the Mac. Out of the box, DrawIt includes a large number of ready-to-use and easily customizable special shapes; circles, stars, rounded rectangles and polygons, as well as support for an unlimited number of nested groups, masks and custom overlays.

HoudahGeo – Know where you took that photo!

MacGraPhotoDeveloped by Houdah Software. Originally priced at $30.
One-stop Geocoding for the Mac – with HoudahGeo you may “pin” photos to locations where they were taken. It also lets you to share your geotagged photos in Google Earth or publish them to Flickr or locr. Just like an expensive GPS camera, HoudahGeo may store latitude, longitude, altitude and viewing direction information right within the image file – invisibly with no loss of quality.

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This actually looks like a good deal. It’s kind of cool how the Mac community puts these things together.