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The ultimate guide to ejecting a stuck disc from Mac SuperDrive

The ultimate guide to ejecting a stuck disc from Mac SuperDrive

The slot-loading optical disc drives in MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac Minis are definitely more elegant than those flimsy trays on most computers. The part that’s not so elegant is when a stubborn CD or DVD gets stuck!

Over the years, a ton of different methods for ejecting stuck discs have been passed around the Apple community. While some approaches appear to work more reliably than others, there is no single troubleshooting technique that has been proven to work for everyone. In an effort to be as comprehensive and help as many people as possible, I’m throwing in all of the strategies I’ve come across related to this topic. If you’re battling a CD or DVD that refuses to pop out, hopefully you find at least one does the trick!

The standard stuff

For the sake of being complete, let’s start out simple. When a disc won’t eject from your Mac, try the following: 1.) Press and hold the Eject key, 2.) Right-click on the disc icon on the Desktop and select “Eject” from the menu, 3.) Drag the disc icon to the Trash. No luck? Read on for more tips!

Disk Utility

Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities) and select the troublesome CD or DVD in the sidebar. Click the Eject button at the top of the window.

Terminal command

Launch Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and copy the following command: drutil eject

Mouse/Trackpad button

Restart your Mac and hold down the left mouse button (or trackpad if you have a laptop) as it boots up. Keep pressing it until the login screen or desktop displays.

Tilt and shake

Pick up your Mac laptop and tilt it so the CD/DVD drive is pointing downwards. Restart and hold the Eject key down while gently shaking the computer up and down.

The self-fixing Mac

Shut down your Mac, turn it back on, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Make sure the power cord is plugged in as you do this and the disc just might pop out on its own.

Disrupt the spin

If you listen carefully, you can probably hear your optical drive powering up & down over and over again. As long as the disc spins, it’s not coming out. The first step is to get your hands on a very thin piece of cardboard or even a folded business card (so it’s twice as thick). Now restart your Mac and hold down the mouse/trackpad button as you poke the cardboard inside the SuperDrive slot. The goal is to slip it above the CD or DVD — towards the left side of the drive — and gently jiggle it around to put pressure on the disc. You might have to continue this for up to a minute or so, but it often works when all other methods fail.

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sounds very dangerous XD especially the tilt and shake, haha.
I coulda used these tips when I got a dvd stuck in my computer, but I just restarted it and then it came out haha

but I’ll have to keep all these in mind next time

All of these things work. sometimes.
The #1 way to get it out is…….slide an adhesive mailing label into the slot until it contacts the top if the disc, you’ll hear it. push eject and give it a little assist tug. it will come out every single time.

I did something similar to David’s mailing label. I used duct tape and smoothed it to the cd with a credit card. When I hit eject, I was able to pull the cd right out.

Somehow I have lost the ilife install on my month old mac. I still can’t get the disk to eject (ummmm…stick stuff in the drive??! yikes) to install off the disk. So far I’m not impressed.

I’ve had a freakin’ disc stuck in my imac for three frickin’ years. I’ve tried everything to get it out. Multiple times. It will probably be in there until kingdom come.

Had a stuck DVD in iMac and was preventing the system from booting. After everything else i tried this ‘disrupting the spin’ approach with a folded slip of paper. Worked perfectly.

Wow – my disk was irritating the hell out of me. Interrupting the spin worked FIRST TIME! :)


Catherine Boulanger
December 18th, 2009, 4:42 PM

Thank you Thank you! Finally got my CD out by following your different alternatives. Disk Utilities did it for me.

This is my second iMac in a row where, less than a month from purchase, a disc got stuck in the drive. Damned irritating. The last time I just left the disc in the drive and used an external drive for almost three years. I’m going to try credit cards wrapped in double sided tape and the “disrupting the spin” approach, but I’ll most probably end up just leaving the disc in the drive again.

I dropped my laptop (I know! That was dumb!) and the disc drive got a little bent. I tried the paper thing and it worked perfectly!

I tried everything to get out a mini cd but to no avail. And to make matters worse it’s my work laptop and we’re not supposed to install programs. I worked my way slowly down your list and was about to give up after the ’tilt & shake’ but then decided to finish your list. I have to say I didn’t think the ‘disrupt the spin’ would work but after using an index card it came out easily. Thanks!!!

OK, my 2-year-old was attempting to put a video in the drive, but there was already a disc in there. The computer wouldn’t even recognize the disc so I thought there was no way it was coming out. But I decided to try the tape and credit card trick, and lo and behold – out come 2 discs!!! I am ecstatic, to say the least. With the computer in reach of little hands, I guess I’ll have to keep the duct tape at the ready.

I have a pretty new I mac and got a CDR stuck. The last option worked with a credit card and it couldn’t do any thing else. Genius. so helpful thankkyou!!!

Finally! After daily poking and prodding with a plastic grocery store customer card, the DVD popped out today.

The only thing I did differently was today I poked and prodded for a minute or so before I hit the eject button. Then, when I hit the eject button, out popped the disc.

I tried all of the above with no success. I opened up the iMac (pain in the butt) and opened the optical drive and removed the errant disk. After reassembly decided to try different disk and it stuck again. You could hear the disk trying to escape but no luck.

As a last ditch try before disassembly again I used a can of compressed dust spray for electronics. I inserted the nozzle in the lower end (left side for MacBook) of the slot and while hitting the eject button depressed the spray can trigger full blast. Viola! Out popped the disk.

I like my iMacs. I have a 17 inch and a 24 inch. I don’t use the optical drives in either one any longer because both computers have had discs stuck in the drives and that’s irritating as all get out. Instead, I rely on external tray loading drives.

I put a mini disc in just now thinking it would work, tried everything probing around with hair clips the mouse holding and everything on the list but finally the last one worked, thanks!!

My son put two dvds inside the drive… How do I get them out!!!

AWESOME!! Thanks for the advice! It actually worked to pick it up and shake it! You Rule!!

One thing you can do is if you have VMWare Fusion or Parallels installed, is to use Windows to eject the drive. Go to Windows Explorer and right-click, eject the disc. Oddly enough, I can read DVDs in Windows where Mac OS would just fail to even detect the disc.

I’v tried all of the above techniques and NOTHING WORKS!!!! Am at the end of my tether and it’s my work computer :-O o dear lol

The credit card method works great!

Yay!! The tilt and shake method worked! Ahhhhh thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stephanie Wright
April 7th, 2010, 2:55 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The credit card and duct tape worked! My 4 year old won’t be allowed to put the dvd’s in anymore, but all is well!

I am so frightened and nervous couse I am trying to Install Windows on my Brand New iMac 27inch when installation failed and the disc is stuck! I dont know what to do and how to remove it. I thought im gonna break it. then suddenly I found this forum and followed what other did through their experience. to my surprise business card work! on a stuck cd to release it! unbelievable!!!! Thank you GUYS!!!!!


oh my gosh…it took forever but the folded card and the mousetrack pad hold down while holding the computer downwards did work finally! Thank you so much!

I couldn’t get a CD out my Superdrive on my Aluminium iMac and tried the business card thing but no joy. I was giving up hope and then I decided to lie the iMac with the screen pointing up, hit the eject button and ‘Hey Presto!’ out it came!

My 27inch iMac stopped accepting discs. No disc in the drive and the drive seemed to be dead.
I tried ‘drutil eject’ and that made the drive attempt to eject nothing and brought it back to life!
I was almost ready for a trip to the repair centre. Thanks very much!!

Thank you! The Terminal command option worked perfectly.

Im still stuck I have a samll dvd in the drive of my 2010 model MBP drive on right and have traied everything but the small dvd seems to not be sitting in the drive correctly so it deosnt even read on the desktop

any ideas anyone?

None of these worked for me and I was hoping one would. Arg!

well this is my first mac and i got me one of those flash looking imac jobs, and life was good until the disk started to get temper mental
and then it gave up giving me the discs back period. tried every trick known to man, so thought ok i have a big screwdriver i will take it to bits (lots of flashy looking stuff in there) the drive works fine and the trap door operates but the only way to get the disc out was to actually pull it off the spindle thingy so it looks like the tabs that hold the disc in the middle are not releasing. anyone got any ideas?
all the best

August 23rd, 2010, 11:53 AM

The Terminal command worked for me. However, as the rogue disc prevented my Mac booting, I had to do a safe boot first. To do this hold down the shift key as the Mac starts. Keep holding it down until you get the safe boot window. I then had to press the alt/option key to get the login window. Keyed in my password and then was in business. Hope this helps someone in the future!

Interupting the disc works perfectly! Handiest thing my bank cards done in ages!! Lol do this first

i had a crazy method i just tried i got the cd out before with the cardboard method but my retarded self put the thing back in, guess what it was stuck again ! anyways what i did was just take a paint scraper like device really smooth and chromed out on both sides, i pushed the disc off the spindle it gets stuck to of course let it spin at high rpm. after a minute of dislodging it and sheer luck the cd finally just basically flew out ! what my drive was doing instead of lifting the cd from the spindle it was pushing it onto it….. further. sounds dumb i know but i watched it. instead of pushing it off it was pushin it back into it, hence the reason it wont come out normally. hope this helps someone i really do. Superdrives are garbage i have had 2 imacs the blueberry, and the intel core 2 series, plus a macbook pro all have done this over a couple years of use. i suggest… just using an external honestly because the stuck cd problem, and have had friends have the problem to.

I’ve tried most options, but still the disk won’t come out. On which side should the sticky side of the label be? of for the credit card option: when I push the credit card in, it touches something and makes a funny noise. Is this normal? I feel really stupid for not understanding all this.

Oh yeah that’s AWESOME ! “Disrupting the spin” if definitely the way to go when you have a DVD stuck in the drive, preventing the system from booting. It took a while to eject and made a lot of funny noises, but eventually my Mac spit this damn DVD out. Now it seems to work fine. Thanx a lot !!

Try DiscEject from Frisbee Software – and its FREE!!!

I had a similar problem with my iMac 27 inch 3.06ghz. Eventually it popped out the dvd from the tray. Pay very close attention to the bargain bundles of cds or dvds that you buy because near the bottom of the spindle sometimes are thick cut dvds or cds. I checked and some of them are slightly thicker than the others. Once I got out the thick one from the bargain spindle and put in a standard store bought pre recorded one, it went in and out without a hitch. Hope this helps.

In my case, the eject process was working fine but it seemed the Superdrive had a mechanical fault. It had already started showing signs of misbehavior – for instance, the disc would eject only a fifth of the way out. The last DVD I slotted in wouldn’t come out. Each time I ejected, I would hear the noise of the eject mechanism. A sliver of the disc would emerge and then it would go back into the drive. After reading all these comments, I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk rebooting. I tried the adhesive but it didn’t work – I didn’t quite have a strong material. Also tried the card and tilting and shaking but to no avail. Finally, I ejected the disc once more. When the sliver barely emerged, I latched onto it as hard as I could with my fingernail and held on even though the drive kept trying to suck it in. Then I pushed eject again (once or twice) and gently but very firmly tugged the thing out. Hope this may help anyone whose Superdrive has a mechanical issue. My original drive broke and I replaced it with a DVD-burner superdrive that wasn’t locked to any region. I don’t think I will risk watching DVDs again…

WOW-the folded card trick did it-thank you

I tried all of the above today, and following the instruction to use the terminal ‘drutil eject’ and finally it ejected. Thank you so much for this advice.

Just wanted to say many thanks for the top advice, I used a credit card with double sided tape. As I tentatively and nervously pushed the now mega sticky card into the old Mac CD/DVD slot the ‘rogue’ CD literally dived onto the top of it. Talk about poo to blanket, then the thing came out without a fight or even a squeak. On closer inspection I notice the CD was deformed (bowed in the middled) and this explains the odd noises as the puter tried to handle it. Good idea to check disc’s in future methinks although this is the first and hopefully the last time I need my disc extractor it sits proudly next to the Mac in case. Talk about making my year, now I can continue to the load rest of my CD collection without any future stressing. I love this site and had tried all the other stuff to no avail. Many thanks for the help, most appreciated imagine the number of sleepless nights you have saved me thinking I’d never get the blessed thing out again.


I was able to get the stuck disk out by pressing the disk eject button on the wireless keyboard while at the OSX logon screen.

You’ll love this one: I opened a fresh new pack of blank CDs to burn our yearly compendium of hand-selected music. Popped the first one into my 27-inch iMac, and nothing happened, except some very disturbing spinning and straining noised from the drive. No icon.

I assumed I wedged a second disk by mistake into the drive. Nope. I used the brilliant duct tape/biz card trick above. It worked. I had inserted both the first blank disk PLUS the transparent plastic disk Memorex inserted at the top of the stack. So, keep your eyes open!

Thank you :D

Tilt and Shake did it for me…

Terminal command worked with a shake. Thanks.

Tilt and shake Pick up your Mac laptop and tilt it so the
CD/DVD drive is pointing downwards. Restart and hold the Eject key
down while gently shaking the computer up and down. ——– This
one works for me. shaking it up and down while it is still open..
Thanks to this post. helped me a lot

I tried everything as well w/ no luck – then found this site Thank god – disrupting the spin technique worked first time !!!!!!! THANK YOU

Forget about mechanical tricks, they may ruin your drive, disc and warranty.
Try a software solution instead. DiscEject (free) from Frisbee software can do the trick, Eventually you can reset your mac (disconnect all cables for a few minutes, then start while holding down Alt, Cmd, P, R until the startup jingle sounds a second time), an try DiscEject again.
This worked for me. (IMac, late 2009)

Great advice! Many thanks for the advice – I’m a newbee to mac and was confused when I tried to eject a DVD and the icon disappeared as if it had been ejected but the disc stayed put. I read this post and all I needed to do was press and hold the eject button – simple, duhhhh!

I tried everything..and was getting frustrated..when I decided to use an “adhesive”..I had double sided tape in my junk drawer..I only pealed one side to the edge of a business card…about 1/2″ of tape was sticking out…since only one side was pealed…it was somewhat firm and made it easier for me to inserted it in to the superdrive. Once that was done I hit the eject button and it worked….!!

Thank you!! Having a tech problem WITHOUT clear directions
on how to fix it is terribly frustrating. Problem solved:)

plastic card with double-sided tape did it for me!
in connection with terminal drutil tray eject 0
(after fidgeting without tape for at least an hour…)

sticky side needs to face away from the screen, insert the card a little bit on the side of the screen.

Thanks for this page! — invaluable!

How to eject a DVD from a Mac Pro even when your system doesn’t recognize the DVD. Turn off Mac Pro. Hold down the eject key (key in the far upper right-hand corner of keyboard) while you reboot. CONTINUE TO HOLD DOWN THE EJECT KEY DURING BOOT UP UNTIL THE DVD POPS OUT. I tried all of the other ideas & finally called Apple tech. This is what was suggested and it worked!

Does anyone know how to get a cd out of a Mini Mac that has died?

I tried it all, but, thanks to you, the old Tilt and Shake did the trick.

tried all these but only thing that worked for me was resetting my macbook pro’s System Management Controller “smc” as per this apple support article – and

Thanks – I was skeptical, but the Disrupt the Spin worked and this is the only place I have seen this suggestion.

Lasselukas L. Jensen
January 27th, 2011, 12:32 PM

I particularly had this problem with old cd’s and i found that a guaranteed, for me anyway, and riskfree way is to reboot and pressing the eject button sometime during the beginning of the startup. No need for holding it down feverishly from when you shutdown.

Just tried the tape and card trick for two discs stuck in my brand new iMac, and it worked wonders! Thanks!

I have a Power Mac G4Cube.Does anyone know where to put the paperclip to eject a dvd?Iwill try the card trick though, right now Ican’t get my Mac to boot up properly. I can’t log in even.

After trying all the other options, and when I thought I would have to live with the cd being stuck, I finally went for the mousebutton thing. I was so excited when the cd just appeared!
Thank you Ant!

I had a Disk Warrior dvd stuck, tried all cures i could fine , did not work. some long thinking about my iMac 2.16 core 2, i reasoned that the only thing in a computer that knows there is a oroblem is the memory chips, so i took them out and let them bleed off, 30 min, put them back in , started up normal- ejected the dvd. Booted up using OS 10.4 disk 1 ran disk utility all now ok.

Man, you really saved my day!!! My DVD player still isn’t working. But at last the DVD came out using your last method ‘disrupt the spin’. I took a piece of thin but strong cardboard and moved it gently into the superdrive. Of course you have to be carefull because the DVD is normally blocked by some plastic. Thanks again!!!

I had a disc that the machine kept trying to eject, but something caught it and it would pull right back to the spindle without even peaking its edge out to grab. Bad Bad Bad. I tried many of the good suggestions here. Finally a modified version of the double tape worked great.

Skinny Plastic movers tape, very carefully wrapped one time to a metro card (thinner than credit card), with the sticky side out. This combo, card and tape, is even skinner than a credit card before tape is added. Slide the card in, over the top of the disc, giving several square inches of surface area for stick stuff to grab the disc. Wait for the mechanism to start attempting to eject, and then… it pulls right out. Amen.


wowowowowowowow 3 WHOLE DAYSSSSSS!!!

double sided tape + credit card + ejecting 2 dvds…..

chandler bing typed dance moves!

THank you everyone!

Kosta Paspaliaris
March 10th, 2011, 11:38 PM

September 17th, 2009, 2:07 AM


Wow. Thanks alot! Brand new Mac, I hate the internal drives!! The Paper trick worked after about the 5th time i tried, thanks a million, you made my day!

I had success at the Terminal command.
The problem: I was listening to a CD from the library, and they have a sticky label on the CD which peeled back a bit and got stuck in the mechanism.
New rule: check the sticky labels before using my iMac cd player!

I was trying to reinstall the system on my PowerBook G4. I screwed up and accidently inserted the system disk for my PowerMac Pro. On the required restart the screen went dark only displaying all the “root text and codes” w/ no NO EJECT OPTIONS. The only thing I could do was a hard restart that that just started the same thing over and over again.
I slipped a business card in the disk slot on the left side and on top of the system disk. It went in about 3/4 of the way. Then I hit did another hard restart. The Mac chimed and spit out the system disk.
Oh, one other thing- THANK YOU.

Hahahahahaha!!!!!! caveman technology!!! I love it!! Disrupting the hard drive with a business card>>>>>> Far to easy!!! I started laughing before I did it, because I knew it was gonna work! I actually stuack the business card in after it was in full spin…… Left side, insert….. sounded like cutting wood at first, but it grinded to a stop….. ( I held down the mouse button on restart) I held it in place for about 4 seconds, let go and the disk popped out in a few seconds. the comment above was a much better attempt, but dont fear, it works!!! haha Thank you!!

Seems the men on here are as stupid as the woman. Why would you put a MINI CD in a MAC. Unless they are tray loaded? They will not go in. You should have noticed it when the drive does not grab the disk. That means you would have had to push it in. Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard. The other thing i have not heard on here is how did you guys get the disk stuck in the first place. I cant see all of you putting in MINI CD’s. These are fine example of people that don’t read, or look up information about there computers. LMAO

Thank you so much for all the help. I finally tried the card and it worked!! I don’t know if it is relevant but it was a very thin DVD. Once again, many thanks

David and Jolitha are GODS! THANK YOUUUUUU!!!

I have had this happen numerous times. I ended up getting an external drive because I got tired of Wasting parts of my life trying to get a CD to eject from an iMac. It distracted me from trying to figure out why it kept losing the wireless signal.

Then I bought a PC. Both problems solved. It just worked.

I thought that there was nothing that would fix this! I’ve had a CD in for months and everyday all day it would make sounds over and over again, trying to get out, but nothing happened. I tried the business card, and voila!

I tried the tilt and shake method after my mom decided to stick a rectangular disk in my mac. I was freaking out and decided to try what google could pull up. I thought I would have to take my mac up to ATL or send it back to apple but thank goodness for your website.

I was desperate when I came upon this. I tried about five of them when I finally came to the tilt and shake. And, miraculously, it came out! Thank you for all of these helpful tips.

Terminal command worked for me, I love this board because even though I think there are a lot of different reasons each of us have a disc stuck, this tells us how to fix it. I would love to know how much time and money this site has saved.

Problem solved – thank you so much for the tips. Step 1 press the eject key worked for me. How embarrassing. I kept looking in my Finder and couldn’t locate anything that showed the disk; where I normally would eject it.

Angelo Cinto!!!! The tip to use Microsoft Explorer in windows under Parallel worked GREAT!

I recommend that one to anyone.

Just go to Windows Explorer (if you are running Parallels or VMWare with windows) and right-click on the DVD drive. Hit eject and that does it!!!

i accidently put a mini disk in the drive, how do i get it out with out ruining the disk?

Thanks! Brilliant help. I thought it would be stuck in there forever. Good to get some Mac help that is easy to understand and works!

I tried everything, then shut down the iMac overnight. Started next morning and out came cd.

i tried all the above without any results, maybe i was getting impatient. eventually i fired up itunes and quickly tried cmmd+e as it started…out popped the stubborn dvd which wasn’t even showing up in the finder.

Thank god!! It worked!!! Holding down the mouse key while booting up worked for me. Thank you – brilliant ideas!

THANK YOU! Disk utility worked for me! I had no idea it was an option and I was getting so distressed (no, really, haha). Thank you!

Thank you all for the info. My DVD drive just buggered up, the mechanism has been getting less responsive over the years, today I finished burning a disc (which worked fine), went to eject and it wouldn’t come out. Similar what Alex Craven described: the disc starts to eject, about a millimeter comes out (but not enough to grab onto), it pauses and then takes the disc back in. Tried 20 times and the same thing every time.

After a couple of tries I solved it with the sticky-label taped to a thin-piece-of-card trick. I didn’t poke the card in far at all: at first I tried getting it to stick to the disc while it the disc was still in the drive, but it just got in the way. Instead I held it just inside the mouth of the drive, pressed eject, then used it to lever/pull the disc out. It still didn’t come out all the way but it came out enough that I could quickly grab it.

Dunno what I’ll do about my dodgy drive now. My mac is five years old and I just had the screen replaced for free at the mac store because it had a big stripe of dead pixels on it, they seem to be pretty nice about replacing stuff if you take it, but it is a bit of hassle and I don’t want to push my luck. An external one might be the best solution.

Duck tape and credit card!!! After trying everything that it’s suggested here, the tape and the credit card did the trick. I also discovered that my 2 year old had introduced 2 dvd’s in the drive. No wonder!!!

Delia Miriam Moldovan
July 16th, 2011, 11:43 AM

i put a dvd inside and it hardly got in,and as a stupid i pushed it all inside and now it cant come out at all. it dont even recognize it:| and i tried all that was written here and was useless. can anyone help me please??

Wow!! I tried all of them and I have to say the one that worked best for me was the old business card. I just bought the MacBook Air with the external super drive. I was really nervous and this was the best tip!!!!

Thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you! I tried the earlier suggestions many times over, but the gently tilting and shaking while rebooting finally did the trick.

ok… I will prob be the only adult to openly admit that I pushed two cds into a one disc drive while i was talking on the telephone(no, it was not a two year old)… Panic would be an understatement as the second cd rom was video for a presentation at work.. in which i had the only hard copy… Yes I am a moron… non the less…


I do not usually post but this was a special occasion because seriously you feel stupid using a credit card and tape on some fancy mac… but it works… and you can’t feel stupider than getting two cds stuck in the drive at once.


AND DAVID!!! (i think you were first to post?) and everyone else, THANKS SO SO SO MUCH! WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH!

If anyone has a copy of TOAST installed, try using the eject option on that. I used to get discs stuck in my old Core 2 Duo iMac all the time, and regardless of what program I was using, I would simply open Toast and hit eject and it would pop out every time.

Thank you! I’m not very tech-savvy, so I didn’t know you had to HOLD the eject key for few seconds. Thank you! :)

I had just about given up but tried the Disk Utility procedure and, although the disc did not eject fully, it did so with just an edge emerging from the slot so that I could grasp it with a long pair of tweezers. I’m not sure I will insert that same disc again but it is out for now.

Thank You.
I was able to take out the stuck disk out of my mac without going through the apple technical support. My warranty expired and I could imagine how much they would charge me.

I’ve had this now with three different Macs. On my latest one I have broke the mechanism trying to wriggle the disc out with two credit cards. Apple need to sort this design flaw out. It’s not on at all. When you pay premium prices you expect premium product. Joke!!!

duct tape, a piece of paper and a credit card haha.

Thanks for the tip. I tried the Disrupt the spin technique -and it worked! :D So far my SuperDrive is still ok. I’m not sure about the CD that got stucked though…

after trying to watch a training video it go stuck in my macB and i tried a few things without luck then i came across this forum , PUSHED IN THE A CREDIT CARD SIZE CARD WHILE I REBOOTED , GIGGLED IT A FEW TIMES , PRESSED THE EJECT BUTTON A FEW TIMES, WHALLAAA!!!!!!! ITS OUT . Thanks -you saved me a trip and a humble donation to the MacDads

Disk interupt worked great, the disk spinning and hitting my card kinda freaked me out, But disk is out HOORAY!!!,
Thank you

The only thing that works for me was the left button at start-up. THANK YOU for the advice. The disc has spun so long that it was warm!

Tried everything here, including the mailing label sticky idea from a commenter. Could not get the tape to stick. So basically I used an Exacto blade (precision craft knife) to slice the border of each of those annoying rubber stoppers, carving through about 75& of those sheilds, removed them like a surgeon (its not that hard, just takes care and focus) – this way the drive is open and those rubber or felt sheilds (which were impossible to clean) are removed for good. good riddens too. :)

Terminal Command worked for me, fantastic new. No trip to the Apple Store!!

I’ve had a CD stuck in my iMac for three days. Got online and tried everything mentioned. Nothing worked, even those that said 100% guaranteed to work. I was getting ready to take my iMac to the shop when something happened by accident. Attached to my iMac is an external blu-ray drive. I put a blu-ray in it and it had some gunk on it, so it wouldn’t show up on my desktop and the green light went off. I tried to eject it and instead of ejecting that one, it ejected the CD that had been stuck in my internal drive for three days. After cleaning off the blu-ray, both drives are working fine now. So, in the future if a CD gets stuck again, I will just turn off my external drive and eject the CD from the internal drive. You may not have that option. If you do, try it.

quote//Seems the men on here are as stupid as the woman. Why would you put a MINI CD in a MAC. Unless they are tray loaded? They will not go in. You should have noticed it when the drive does not grab the disk. That means you would have had to push it in. Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard. The other thing i have not heard on here is how did you guys get the disk stuck in the first place. I cant see all of you putting in MINI CD’s. These are fine example of people that don’t read, or look up information about there computers. LMAO

I don’t know about the mini cd’s but you obviously don’t know about the iMac slot loading drives or maybe not computers at all. TOTALLY Rude! and maybe need a life.

My brother just brought me his iMac with a stuck cd and I used the blank plastic disk to get the cd out of there by hitting eject with the dummy cd just under & as the disk tried to eject, I pushed up and it spit the stuck cd out far enough for me to grasp.

The idea of the disk not being pushed up off the spindle has me thinking the mechanism isn’t working. I now have the computer apart and finally to the cd drive. I believe I will work on fixing the root of the problem as I really don’t like clutter of having another piece of equipment. :D

AHHH, how sweet the taste of success, the huge flood of relief, that came when my DVD finally popped out after literally HOURS of trying unsuccessfully to get it out. For me, what finally did the trick was the terminal command. But it didn’t work the first time, I had to do it twice. Thanks so much for the wonderful site and helpful advice.

NOW…do I tempt fate again and risk playing this DVD, or the other new DVD I just bought, again? It was the VERY first DVD I ever put into my new MacBook Pro… I love this laptop, but never ever have had a problem like this over the years with multiple PC desktops and laptops. Why in the world would you build a DVD drive that didn’t have the typical paperclip manual eject method?!? I get that would requires a tray that come out of the side of the laptop, not just a cool slot like the mac has, but after this experience, I’d sacrifice that cool factor in a heartbeat. Good luck all!

Ant, you are a genius – this is relevant even after 2 years. I just managed to eject a disk with the terminal utilities command.


Credit card with double sided sticky tape finally did it after trying everything else, phew!

The terminal command did the tick for me when the drive wouldn’t accept a disk after something went wrong whilst ejecting a DVD!!

The tilt and shake might is dangerous, and don’t drop it!

Credit card with Tuck Tape worked for me. Nothing else will cuz my computer has no menus….just a grey sceen with a flashing picture of a file folder with a question mark in the middle.

When I looked up solutions, I found it told me to reboot from the original disk that came with the computer and that is when it got stuck.

I can’t win. LOL

Advice….. if you have warrenty like I do then just take it in. Don’t play with it.

Stressed Out,


THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH> I THOUGHT I WAS SCREWED!! my CD didt go i all of the way and was stuck but i did the drutil eject and it came out!! thank you so much!!

Tried all of these, none worked for me, but ultimately managed with this, I think because the plastic above the disc drive opening was cracked and so the slot wasn’t big enough for the dvd to get back through:

On one end of the disk drive opening, stick the corner of a credit card and twist it so that it is gently prying the cd drive slightly wider. Then hit eject.

I know this forum is old but thank you! the disk utility route totally worked!

oops I did it again… not learning from my first trip through this particular flavor of hell, I did it again this weekend and got another DVD stuck in my MacBook Pro. I tried everything for hours, all the tricks listed on this great site. None of it worked this time (last time it did).

So I made an apple store genius appt for tomorrow, then started searching YouTube, stumbled across a video that showed how, if you got the SuperDrive out of the laptop, it was only 4 little screws on the bottom to open that puppy up and then remove the stuck DVD. The harder part is getting the SuperDrive out of the laptop. Found a bunch of great videos from these OWC guys that show you how to take apart many different flavors if Macs. I took pictures from the video w/ my iphone and then set down to take apart my macbook. It required some special screwdrivers which I luckily bought the last time this happened, so I didn’t have a hard time — only a 1/2 hour of effort compared to 3 or 4 hour I spent over the last several days trying all the tricks to get the computer to do what its suppose to do. Anyway here are the links. If the standard techniques don’t work and you don’t want to go to the apple store, give it a try. Again, thanks for this great site, its a godsend!

PS: I’m never going to use this damn superdrive again!!!

how to open up a macbook pro 15 inch early 2011 and remove the superdrive:

how to open up the superdrive and get the dvd out:

I thought tilt and shake sounded dangerous too, but it actually worked! Thank you!

I worked my way down the list to correct my stuck disk without any luck until I used the “Disrupt the spin” technique. Within 1min. it auto ejected!!!!!!!

Strange situation. Could not insert disc. Followed instructions ‘Spinning Disc”. Not knowing there was or not a disc inside. NO disc came out. (but made the same ‘sounds’ as there was a disc inside). And YES-it worked, got an ‘ejecting sound’ and could insert disc again!

Oh good lord – look at the damn dates on this forum – from 2009 to 2012. And this is STILL a problem. THANKS APPLE!! YOU RULE!!

Anyway, my tale of woe and eventual relief. 2005 powerbook g4, 17-inch laptop. Disc stuck in superdrive for days, weeks. Trying all of these different suggestions – nada (not the first time this has happened. In the past I got it out with the shake, and with the drutil). This time I even tried the credit card and post-it notes. What worked was asu’s approach – I used a butter knife in the edge of the drive slot, just barely in, twisted to open the slot while pressing eject. The disc slid out just a tad. I had to grab and pull it hard, but it came out. Before that, no matter what I did, I could tell the little latch that comes down in the middle of the slot was never opening, even as the disc spun down and tried to eject. So finally. And yes — it’s more than time for a new deck.

“drutil eject” – amazing advice. Worked a treat. Thanks.

Using the cardboard to the left worked! You are awesome. All else failed. I used three paint color sample strips. Perfect!

i try everything!!! the mouse, the drutil and all the other things so i open my iMac and the superdrive to see what is apening and cause is the center pins that arrest the CD when i eject the CD that pins dont let the CD free to come out… somebody can help me???


THANK YOU!!!! After weeks of trying to get it to eject, I followed your suggestions and out it popped. THANK YOU

Thank you!!!!! The carboard and tipping helped me get out a disk I borrowed from a friend! lifesaver!!

put plastic ruler in cd drive about 3 inches and move quickly up and down while repeatedly pressing eject button on keyboard.
Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your tummy (takes some coordination), but it works!

This was really helpful! I’ve had a disc stuck in my computer for weeks! Thanks so much!

Dave G (Yeah, nother Dave, haha)
June 16th, 2012, 6:18 AM

YES SIR! After about a year of off, and on attempts the interrupting the spin was magnificent. I mean I tried everything within the terminal, tried re-burning, repairing, erasing. Just all kinds of stuff I forget. Thank you millions for this page. Thank you a lot. Now. Dare I try putting in another? Haha. I dunno.

Here is the solution: throw the stupid Mac out the window. Go buy a real computer

The DRUTIL EJECT command worked.

Shannon Hampson
June 30th, 2012, 2:51 AM

The hold it until it stops spinning worked for me after nothing else did. My iMac didn’t even recognize the (burnt) disc, let alone eject it, in the Disk Utilities it just kept saying “checking drive” or something, the “eject” option was faded out. iTunes eject did nothing. I was a little scared to try the firmware eject since I don’t really know what I’m doing. So I stuck my library card in there and held it still – it took a little while, so be patient – and after trying and trying to spin while I held it down – voila! Out it spat. Very happy, thank you!

I had tried EVERY ‘command’ based means of ejecting a DVD from Netflix out of my Mac Mini’s drive.. every command failed. Even going into terminal and trying from there.

What finally worked was the business card in the slot trick! I was leery of sticking anything into the drive, but I took one of my business cards and VERY very gently poked it in the drive after pressing the ‘eject’ button on the keyboard. The disc was ejected within 20 seconds!

I was just about to make an appointment at the Apple Store to have someone there remove the mini CD from my MacBook Pro! Thank you for the great guidance …. you’ve saved me some money and a hectic drive into the city.

It was the business card in the slot trick that worked for me !!!!

Useful tips – I stupidly got mini disc stuck , very thing cardboard to make two sides of a sandwich about 2/3 width of drive and 6″ long enabled me to get out by ALSO holding drive vertical to get it where tiny tweezers could catch edge of disc and extract.

No damage to drive all working 100% again

drutil eject command is the BOMB! KABOOOOOM! I just smiled when I typed the command on TERMINAL…pressed enter and VOILA! the CD came out…..Amazing!

Spin disrupted…DONE! :-)

guys, these tips are amazing, i tried all but the credit card one worked! i’m soooo happy! my 10 years old stuck a dvd in the mac, i’m so relieved now. thanks a lot!

I had a CD that was not only stuck but unresponsive and unrecognized by my iMac which is a couple years old. I tried various ideas from the comments to no avail. Finally I was just poking around (and I could get a thin plastic card in only on one side – the label side). No luck. At that point, having restarted many times I just shut it down and waited a minute. Then I fired it up and heard the unmistakable sound of a CD. When the new start was complete the CD icon was showing. I clicked on the icon and out it came. Took me far longer than installing new memory cards.

My problem is on a Mac Mini. The problem here is the disc will load but when I try to eject it, I notice the mechanical drive mechanism is trying to push the disc up but it seems like it is not enough up movement to release it from the hub that is holding the disc in place. Not sure how the eject mechanism works, but on the hub itself there are spring loaded tabs that secure the disc to the hub and wondering if these tabs release (pull in) as part of the ejection process. If not, then I need to know what really happens in sequence to eject the disc? Knowing this information would provide me a better insight on how to resolve this issue to avoid buying a new drive. Does anybody have this specific problem and have any useful ideas or links to help? … TIA

the terminal cmd worked like a charm.

Heavy stock business card work for mini disk…

Tried all these methods and more, but no joy until a combination of thin card and double sided tape did the job on the first attempt.

I tried all the suggestions and it would not come out until I held down BOTH the eject key and the tracker key while booting up.

excellent thank you! thank you! thank you! the gentle shake and reboot did it in the end

Tried doubleface tape on a business card to help pull the disk out and it worked like a charm. Turns out someone jammed a disk into the drive with another one already in there…

Thanks for your help in ejecting cd from a stuck imac – Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities) and select the troublesome CD or DVD in the sidebar. Click the Eject button at the top of the window.
Thanks a mill

I had a disc stuck in my iMac and as far as OS X was concerned there was no disc! It was “faded out” in the disc utility like there was nothing there. Luckily the terminal command let me get BASH that shit out of there! Thanks d00ds! ;D

None of the tips in the article worked on my OS X 10.6 27″ iMac. It was a PC written disk that had worked previously. No icon on desktop or in Disk Utility. No sound of spinning in the drive.
So I powered off, unplugged external drives, held down the ‘c’ key and restarted. The iMac tried to boot off the disk, failed (obviously) and went for the internal disk. The cd was now spinning, and with the ‘c’ key still held down and the iMac still booting I hit the eject button a couple of times. Job done.

none of these worked for me. i opened it and found that there is a little metal tab that moves to one side when ejecting a disk. it was not opening far enough. i decided to hit eject and slip a playing card in there when it opened. it took a few tries to get it, since it happens fast, but once i got it in there, i just waited a few seconds, hit eject again, and out popped the disk. i always knew playing cards were good for something, and they’re way cheaper than an external anything.

Thanks for the tilt and shake advice. Need a new computer now…

I had a DVD stuck in my iMac ALL DAY. Tried everything I knew and several things suggested online and then decided to hitch up the crevice tool to my vacuum cleaner and press the narrow end of the nozzle right up against the slot as I pressed EJECT. Out she came!!!!!!

Tilt and shake worked for me, ridiculous as it sounds; hope nobody saw me do it. Ha, ha.

None of these worked for me so I had to use the disassemble in the above you tube video

thanks so much! I have spent hours trying to get the disc out and tried nearly everything. Stickly label worked a treat! Thanks David!

Thanks a lot. The terminal command line worked

Was VERY nervous about tilting and shaking my MBP which is only about 2 months old! But I tried everything else and it didn’t work and shaking it was the last resort and sure enough, as I’m trying to figure out how I was going to get the money to replace the superdrive, it popped out! THANK YOU!

The last tip works perfectly. Just make sure you do not force shut down your mac while booting up. I did that and my computer got corrupt and I had to forget the CD and restore from a backup. You need to really stop the disk from spinning and your will hear a sliding, screeching sound when you push the cardboard in. I assure you that this tip does no harm AT ALL to your mac.

Thank you. Restarting whilst holding down the left click on my trackpad worked. Superb article…

Match Attax Card + Sticky Tape worked! Thanks a lot mate!

I’ve had a disk stuck for a month. Tried all the standard stuff but the disk would get so far then go back in. First attempt at tilt and shake and hey presto out it came. Fantastic.

Fantastic! Thank you. We tried the double sided and credit card trick. And managed to retrieve, not 1, not 2, but 3 discs out of the disc drive! (Thanks to the 2 year old!)

Thanks! I was just experiencing a blank dvd that I had accidentally put into my drive and it wouldn’t eject. Going through the list starting at the top the one that worked was “drutil eject”. Once again, thank you so much. Very helpful.

Thankyou. The credit card thing worked for me.

Iv had this disc stuck in my macbook pro2,2 and i tired every step besides the shake the laptop. So i shaked it a bit while holding the eject button and boom! Is slid out enought for me to take it out fully!! Woooo

The last method (Disrupt the spin) worked for me. Thank you!

Thanks for the advice! Tilt and shake worked perfectly.

FINALLY! The double sided tape1/4 way down on a CD was the only thing that worked! Thank you!

Yes!!, I gave it a shake whilst ejecting and it worked! Phew.. Thanks.

I kid you not, you are my HERO! I tried everything, the disk finally tried to eject, but it was stuck. The duct tape on a medical card worked! It wasn’t even my movie. :0) thank you a million times over!

OMG you totally saved me, I tried for months to get this crappy cd out! The very last resort suggestion worked and I am so grateful. Thank you !!

The tilt and shake worked for me. I have an external drive and nothing else worked until I turned it sideways and tapped the back of it. Thanks for your help.

The tilt and shake during reboot worked! Thank you!!!!

I used a combination of the “the self fixing MAC” and the “Mouse/Track pad button” and the disc popped out immediately. Thanks for all the suggestions…

thank you. Thank you. It worked with a credit card. You made my day. Gilbert, Switzerland

thank you so much for the information, really appreciate it! ;D

Thanks a million! I poked in and out 2 credit cards and voila 2 discs just popped out. It is 1:50 in the morning. No more disk spinning noise! No more kids touching my iMac!

OFMG- how ANNOYING!!! Got a disc stuck that came with a “how to” book tutorial for playing the Uke which wasn’t all it’s rave reviews made it out to be, so the disc getting stuck only served to further piss me off about the product (grrrr).

Massive THANK YOU’S to Ant for posting these solutions. The last one, “Disrupt the spin…” worked with a bit of patient side to side sliding of a folded glossy postcard :) Yay!

Terminal Command worked! Thanks!

My way is different (maybe) because I used both terminal command and ’tilt and shake’ way. After I enter the terminal command, I quickly tilt and shake my laptop, the disk came out! MIRACLE!

David! (Sept 17th, 2009) Genius. Pure genius. None of the rest was working, and I was worried the “Disrupt the spin: solution was leaving dust from the biz card in the drive.
Your solution worked like a charm. Thanks!

My children had inserted 2 disks in the drive. Completely stuck. Even drutil eject command, shake, etc couldn’t work. I finally succeeded with tape and credit card. Marvelous idea. Thanks.

Had a disc stuck in the drive for almost a year now. it started to make more noise last 2 days- made a tool with an pair of scissors to grab the CD. turned out there was 2 in there… o the joys of having a 2 yr old.
but I do think I may have damaged the drive – o well at least its out!!

YEA!! The stuck CD finally came out with the last tip….folded business card!


Disk utility worked for me. Not sure what caused the issue. Just a regular CD like I always burn to. Thank you for the advice.

I have tried some of the techniques above. No luck yet but I will keep trying. I have a 24 inch iMac with the CD/DVD drive on the right side of the computer. I put in a blank DVD to do some burning and now I can’t get it out. I tried the business card/credit card but I’m a bit confused about one approach that says: “The goal is to slip it above the CD or DVD — towards the left side of the drive — and gently jiggle it around to put pressure on the disc.”
I’m not sure where the ‘left side of the drive’ is located. For a drive that is vertical on an iMac, where is the left side? And, is ‘above the CD or DVD’ the side that is towards the front of the computer?

After some poking with a paint scraper, it came out! The drive was making noises, trying to eject the disc but couldn’t do it. While it was doing that, I was poking inside with the paint scraper. I decided to hit the eject button on the keyboard again, scraper out, than the disk popped out. Don’t know what exactly I did but it worked. I’m afraid to put another disc in but I think this kind of blank DVD was the problem. May be a good time to invest in a new Blu-ray external burner/driver.

THANKU… over an hour and about 30 websites.. last option – disrupt the spin, followed by the Terminal drutil eject. with a little more excitement than necessary – the disk ejected! THANKS

THANK YOU. mailing label worked perfect!

Spin disrupted – thank you thank you thank you

I think my kids put something in the disc slot. My mac won’t take a cd I’m trying to put in it. Any suggestions?

I had a CD stuck in my drive and tried everything! Well almost everything, up until I found this site. The duct tape smoothed onto another CD worked for me finally. Rolled up a piece of duct tape, smoothed it out, taped the sides of the tape to the CD, to prevent the tape from coming off inside the drive. After I got it in their, I held down the track pad while rebooting and it finally came out! Thank you so much for suggesting this, I was getting ready to take it to the Apple Genius Bar. Saved me a trip!

tried the disrupt the spin method. Worked perfectly after insisting for 5 minutes trying. The mechanism must have some problem yet it ejected. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you soooooooo much! The business card trick worked! I was not even getting a blue screen, just blank white! Once the cd came out a little with the card I grabbed it and it started!

OMG, I tried for an hour to get stupid disc out. sticking the folded up paper in there worked and I am so grateful to you for posting this solution! Saved my project and my butt in a big way!!!!

Yay!!! Thank you! I had tried EVERYTHING to get a CD that my Mac refused to acknowledge was in there to eject. The business card and mailing label finally worked after multiple tries. Thank you so much! I’m missing the little door to drop a disk in – archaic maybe, but a lot easier when in trouble.

Thank you! Gaffa tape on a credit card did the trick for me :)

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