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User privacy and our responsibilities as information providers are both of great importance to us. If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to Contact Us.

The editors of MacYourself take our readers’ privacy very seriously and do not abuse the information that is gathered when you visit this website. For traffic statistics and spam prevention purposes, your IP address and non-identifiable information such as your computer operating system, internet browser, time spent on the site, etc. are logged during each visit. In addition, small files called cookies may be used to track which pages or advertisements you have clicked on. They’re also useful for helping make information you willingly provide to us (such as your name and email address when posting a comment) easily available for future visits. Cookies can be shut off in your browser if you choose to not allow this activity. All of these practices are common to nearly all websites on the internet and help diagnose technical difficulties, research user behavior, and improve your overall experience while at None of the data we collect will ever be rented or sold to a third-party for any purpose. Occasionally our advertisers may be given access to non-identifiable statistical information to help them determine the effectiveness of their promotions. This will never include your name, email address, or specific location. Please be aware that links and advertisements you may click on could lead to external websites that do not necessarily share the same privacy policy as MacYourself.

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