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12/8/08: Top 5 Apple news stories & headlines of the week

12/8/08: Top 5 Apple news stories & headlines of the week

There was a slew of nonsense being spread throughout the media about outdated Apple support articles and soon-to-be-crushed Mac clones this week, but somewhere in that mess of paranoia and drama there were more important stories to uncover.

MacYourself’s Top 5 Apple News Stories & Headlines of the Week for December 7, 2008:

1. Hidden SDK features transform iPhone into TV gaming device

Get the original article via Ars Technica
After discovering an undocumented SDK feature of the iPhone, the motivated folks at Ars Technica have taken it a step further by bringing in Freeverse (makers of the Moto Chaser game) to make it a reality. What is this feature, you ask? Only one of the most exciting things about the iPhone ever! Turns out iPhones and iPod touches support the ability for developers to make TV versions of their applications. That means if you hook your iPhone up to your TV, you would be able to play on the big screen while using your Apple device as a Wii-like motion-sensing controller. It’s in the early stages at this point, but the possibilities are certainly exciting.

2. Apple offers free licensing for Mini DisplayPort spec

Get the original article via Ars Technica
Rabid forum posters have been a bit uneasy about Apple’s new mini DisplayPort, which is the sole video-out connection on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. While DisplayPort is an open standard with no licensing fees, Apple developed their own condensed version to save space on their notebooks. It was up for debate whether Apple would turn this into a proprietary connector and lock users in to their own displays and cables, but those concerns can finally be put to rest. Apple is licensing mini DisplayPort for free, meaning just about anyone who wants to sell compatible products can do so as long as they register with Apple. Not a bad deal.

3. Apple apps “bubble” talk just that, as downloads soar

Get the original article via CNBC
The App Store just keeps getting bigger and bigger… and bigger. Instead of a huge surge at the beginning followed by a drastic drop-off once interest fizzled, App Store downloads continue to accelerate at astonishing rates. Over 300 million applications for the iPhone and iPod touch have been downloaded since July. Anyone who says this has been anything other than a massive success for both Apple and third party developers is either: 1) working for Apple’s competition, or 2) an idiot.

4. Apple to sell a $99 4GB iPhone at Walmart?

Get the original article via The Boy Genius Report
Hot on the heels of the announcement that the iPhone would be sold at Walmart stores starting a few days after Christmas comes this unconfirmed rumor that the two companies will partner to offer a special 4GB model for less than $100. I can see Walmart wanting something special like this out of the deal, but I can’t imagine Apple being willing to do it. The original 4GB model was already discontinued because consumers clearly favored the slightly more expensive 8GB model at the time. The lower price point may very well bring additional sales, but it’s those huge monthly payments to AT&T that are holding most people back.

5. Apple’s unexpected iPod shortage spreading

Get the original article via AppleInsider
Recession? Ha! Apple is reportedly struggling to keep up with larger-than-expected demand for their latest line of iPods. A number of retailers are experiencing shortages and extended shipping delays — a surprising fact considering consumers are supposedly not in a spending mood. Hopefully Apple ramps up production or desperate shoppers may be forced to… dare I say it… buy a Zune! We all know there are tons of those gems laying around gathering dust.

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