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11/23/08: Top 5 Apple news stories & headlines of the week

11/23/08: Top 5 Apple news stories & headlines of the week

Starting today MacYourself will be offering a new weekly series of articles that recap what we believe are the five most important Apple-related news stories of the week, with links to the original sources.

Since our main purpose of MacYourself is to build a large database of tips, tutorials, and reviews for users of Apple’s products (Mac, iPod, iPhone, etc.), we don’t focus much on the latest rumors and gossip. As we’ve said before, there are a ton of other sites already out there with industry sources that can do it much better than we ever could.

In an effort to make visiting MacYourself a more complete experience, however, we believe our new weekly rundowns will be very popular and helpful to Apple fans & tech geeks who don’t have time to go hunting for the most important news stories amid all the clutter many sites flood their visitors with throughout the week. The format we’ve chosen for these articles will ensure you receive only the information that matters most to you with no fluff or filler. Headline, quick summary (with an occasional dash of opinion thrown in for good measure), and link to the original news article… that’s it!

Without further ado, here are MacYourself’s Top 5 Apple News Stories & Headlines of the Week for November 23, 2008.

1. Apple may release Snow Leopard early next year

Get the original article via AppleInsider
Apple’s director of Unix technology, Jordan Hubbard, recently presented at a conference and let it slip that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is scheduled for a Q1 2009 release. You have to wonder if he realized what he was doing at the time… oops.

2. OpenCL gets touted in Texas

Get the original article via Macworld
Apparently Apple’s not wasting any time getting OpenCL (an ambitious new graphics programming standard being developed for Snow Leopard) ready for the big time. They fast-tracked its specification to get it done in only 6 months when most others take 1-5 years. It’s complicated for non-developers to understand the benefits of OpenCL, but average users will understand this… it will increase performance and turn your Mac into a screamer. Nice, right?

3. Confirmed: iPhone 3G coming to Wal-Mart on December 28th, select Sam’s Club stores as well

Get the original article via The Boy Genius Report
As a part of Apple’s efforts to completely obliterate the cell phone market even further, the iPhone 3G will be available at Wal-Mart locations across the U.S. beginning December 28, 2008. You’d think they would want to get these things in stores before Christmas, but what do we know. Perhaps they’re using this as a strategy to clear out extra stock before a little refresh in early 2009?

4. Judge grants Apple’s motion to dismiss Psystar’s counterclaims

Get the original article via AppleInsider
If you’ve been following the saga of unauthorized and now totally screwed Mac-cloner Psystar the past few months, you’ll be interested to know that a judge kicked their counterclaims against Apple to the curb. They were reportedly shocked to hear that Apple’s miniscule market share and desire to protect their own intellectual property does not equal a monopoly. Idiots.

5. Sources: Apple, music labels talk DRM-free songs

Get the original article via CNet
Apple and the evil music labels are reportedly in discussions to bring more DRM-free music to the iTunes Store. It appears they’ve realized that giving Amazon tracks with no copy protection did not take away from iTunes’ dominance in the downloads market, so it’s pretty much a lost cause to withhold them from Apple any longer. In the end, their poor judgement has only made music lovers more likely to turn to file sharing networks out of spite.

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