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11/30/08: Top 5 Apple news stories & headlines of the week

11/30/08: Top 5 Apple news stories & headlines of the week

Despite the Thanksgiving holiday and a generally slow news week dominated by Black Friday sales, there were a few goodies tossed in the mix.

MacYourself’s Top 5 Apple News Stories & Headlines of the Week for November 30, 2008:

1. Apple pumps up their redesigned green notebooks via new TV ad

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In an effort to further differentiate their products from competitors (and get those publicity whores known as Greenpeace off their backs), Apple has launched a new television campaign and page on their website touting the new environmentally friendly MacBooks. Al Gore must be proud.

2. QuickTime 7.5.7 allows SD iTunes playback over DisplayPort

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Apple has released an updated version of Quicktime that fixes what could have been a very controversial functionality issue had they waited any longer. It turns out the new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros were not able to play standard definition content purchased from the iTunes store if connected to an external display without HDCP encryption support. Normally HDCP only plays a role when you’re dealing with high definition content, so people were starting to get a little uneasy about the SD limitation. Just in the nick of time… I hear riots were in the planning stages.

3. Apple offers iPhone 3G gift card

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Just when people were starting to get worried, Apple has begun selling iPhone 3G gift cards for the holidays. Since iPhones can only be purchased in most countries with a cell carrier plan, that would have made giving one away as a gift nearly impossible. So now lucky recipients will wake up Christmas morning to an exciting black card under the tree that’s pretty much an IOU… just like the real thing, right?

4. Boxee team ships full fix for Apple TV 2.3

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Boxee, the free open-source software that expands the usefulness of your Apple TV, has been updated to be compatible with the recent 2.3 software update from Apple. If you’ve got an Apple TV and you feel comfortable doing a little hackery, this is a really cool thing to try out. The best thing about it is you can effortlessly stream online videos from sources like Hulu, CBS, and Comedy Central — all without a web browser.

5. Apple investigating graphics issues on new MacBook lines

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Some users of Apple’s new unibody Macbooks have been reporting the existance of two separate graphics issues. One of them involves a frozen black screen that pops up while gaming in both Windows and Mac OS X, and the other consists of video distortions seemingly present only in Webkit-powered internet browsers. Apple is apparently aware of both problems and is in the process of developing a fix to be issued via Software Update.

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