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Control Quicktime playback with convenient keyboard shortcuts

Control Quicktime playback with convenient keyboard shortcuts

Some hard-core computer users never take their hands off the keyboard. While most people don’t necessarily need to go that far, using keyboard shortcuts to control media playback in Quicktime can prove very useful.

Apple’s Quicktime Pro ($29.99) offers additional video editing and exporting functionality with its own set of keyboard shortcuts, of course, but you will find support for the following handy tips in the standard free version of Quicktime 7 as well.

Pause / Play: Tap spacebar.

Pause: Press K.

Play Forward: Press L (multiple taps will increase speed of playback).

Play Reverse: Press J (multiple taps will increase speed of backwards playback).

Slow Motion Forward: Hold K+L together or hold right-arrow.

Slow Motion Reverse: Hold J+K together or hold left-arrow.

Frame-By-Frame Forward: Press right-arrow or K+L.

Frame-By-Frame Reverse: Press left-arrow or J+K.

Loop Playback: Press Cmd+L together.

View Full Screen: Press Cmd+F together.

Increase Volume: Tap up-arrow.

Decrease Volume: Tap down-arrow.

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