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FaceTime not working on iPhone 4? Quick troubleshooting tips

FaceTime not working on iPhone 4? Quick troubleshooting tips

FaceTime, Apple’s new video conferencing feature for iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch, requires little to no setup. “It just works” describes it perfectly… except in certain situations.

If you excitedly attempted a FaceTime call on your iPhone 4 only to find out it wouldn’t connect, you were probably pretty bummed out. I experienced the same thing when trying to FaceTime with a family member the first time. Any number of things can factor into the reasons why FaceTime won’t connect, such as restoring from a previous iPhone’s backup, switching carriers, etc. The good news is it’s likely a quick fix and you’ll be video chatting in no time. Try the following troubleshooting tips (in the order shown) to get started:

WiFi only

As of now FaceTime is restricted to WiFi, so you can’t be out and about on the 3G network if you want to video chat. Make sure you’re connected to a wireless network at home, work, Starbucks, etc. before attempting a FaceTime call.

FaceTime restrictions

If you don’t see a trace of FaceTime anywhere on your phone, it could be blocked. Take a look at Settings > General > Restrictions and see if FaceTime is switched on. If it isn’t on, flip the switch to make sure it is.

Switch FaceTime on

Some people have found that FaceTime is there, but disabled on their phones by default. Going to Settings > Phone and switching FaceTime on could be your quick solution. If FaceTime is enabled but still not working, try switching it off and then back on again. It will take a few minutes for activation to go through, so be patient before attempting a video call.

FaceTime not working - troubleshooting

Restart the phone

A restart of the iPhone itself might help the process along. You could try a soft restart by holding the Power button down for a few seconds and swiping the slider off. Or you could do a hard restart by holding the Power button and Home button down at the same time until the screen turns off.

Reset All Settings

We’re almost out of tricks, but there’s one more up our sleeve. Go to Settings > General > Reset  > Reset All Settings. This will wipe out all of your phone’s preferences and settings (including stored WiFi networks), but won’t delete any of your data or content. Give it a shot! If it doesn’t work, a full restore via iTunes might be your only option.


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You may also have problems getting FaceTime to work if the Wi-Fi network you are connected to is behind a firewall or if certain ports are blocked (by the network administrator) – which is unfortunately the case with my employer.

hi dear, i made all the options like “restart, soft restar, check the restriction, go to phone option, itunes restore” but Unfortunately it is not working, and the FaceTime option is not appeared in the the phone option!
i made a restored from the old Iphone but i made restor using i tunes and didn’t make the restore from the old version but nothing appear!!
hope you can help me.

Using FaceTime with a I touch 4th gem. My question is…can anyone use any computer or I touch and sign in with their I’d info and use that computer for a FaceTime call or is the identity linked to the computer or itouch unit itself and the identity of the user can only be the identity of the computers owner?

I’ve been using FaceTime for 2 months and suddenly it has stopped working, yet my WiFi connection is fine. How to fix??? Is the new iTunes update the problem?

haveing the same problem, was working fine but now my and my girlfriends have gone down and are just saying awaiting activation…. try the re-boots,think this a apple problem

Same problem for 2 weeks with me.

I was really frustrated not having facetime on my new IPhone4. I thought I tried everything but this article helped me a lot.

Register as a new gadget.
It’s Facetime!!!

Another option that worked for me….instead of General-Reset All just select the Reset Network Settings and then turn FaceTime off and then on in the Phone settings.

I tried all the options shown above with no luck until I just tried resetting the Network.


Guys i tried everything but when i looked on here i was
told to “reset network” settings only! It workd! Thnx :)

I just had to turn facetime on in the setting, duh…

I’m trying to use Facetime with my iPhone 4 and another iPhone4 user (dah) and we can hear each other but not see each other. Yes, we are both on WiFi. Help! I would love to be able to see the swim meet the other person is at.

Resetting Network Settings also worked for me. Thx.

Face time did not work at all>>> i just purchased a iphone4. had tried all the suggestions above. Didnt work at all. Sucks!!

Only tried FaceTime twice and each time I’d keep getting cut off. Only let’s me call for 2-5 mins. at a time. Keeps ” dropping” my calls. I’d rather be on the regular landline. It’s not fun at all. And my Internet connection is fine. Doesn’t happen to my other 2 friends when they talk to each other so I know it’s mine. SUX!!

Turning off Facetime and waiting a few seconds, Turned it back on and waited for activation.. this fixed my issue.

On facetime…..we can hear one another…can’t see one another….both connected to wifi….how does one fix this problem?

how can i fix this, please help

We have tested face time on my iphone and my son’s macbook pro with us both in our house. It works fine. My son just went to college with his iphone and macbook pro. We tried facetime and it would not work. We are both in protected wireless networks. Is that the issue?

Thanks! Reset all settings and now my FaceTime is working!

I have the new Iphone 4S,my problem is that when using faceTime the connection works well but only for around 45 seconds then locks up.
The supplier has checked the settings and said that they were fine, my wireless router works fine when using the web. Any idea’s ?

well i can facetime my cousin but not my friend

thank you very much reseting all settings worked great thanks again

I just restored my new iPod 4 from an iPod 3 and tried every thing above plus more from other websites… No luck. It just says “person” is not available, so they try to call me and it says that I’m not aviable… Super frustrated so I’m takin a shower :(

I had problems connecting to some contacts using my iphone 4 and tried all the resets etc, above nothing worked ! then I clicked on the contacts email address instead of his mobile number, and hey presto, the connection then worked perfectly. After closing the call I noticed that the facetime icon was showing in the facetime button for that contact, and also then in the email address and not the mobile number. I dont know the reason for this, but it does work in some cases, so its worth giving it a try.
I hope this helps . Good luck.

Is there any problem for resetting network connection for iphone4 givea sim unlocked

My iPhone 4 days to connect to a wifi network even web I’m connected? I can’t receive or make calls. It says it’s calling but just keeps ringing and the other person never receives anything. Tried all the above and doesn’t work?

My mom and I both have iPhones however I can’t receive messages from her unless it’s threw the email. We can’t connect on FaceTime either it like my phone won’t read her phone number..,.- any ideas?

anyone know how to set facetime to use your number instead of email? when i go into phone and it hasy number there,it doesnt say facetime under it,and in the facetime tab thing where my phone number is its grey and wont let me click it,its only letting me use email?

I have tried most of the above & I still can’t facetime (from anywhere on any network) so frustrated because my iPhone 3G did everything. Upgrading has been somewhat of a hassle. URGH!

I am on a wifi network and i can’t get my iphone to work with my facetime or my imessage. does anyone know how to fix this?

Trying to connect to wifi so I can use facetime but wifi option is ‘grey’/inactive and just says ‘no wifi’ without letting me try to connect to one. If anyone out there can help – would be enourmously appreciated! i scoured the manual to no avail and Apple wont help me becuz of their horrible tech support policy after 90days!

I’m getting an iPhone 4s. Will my old iPhone 4 still be able to do FaceTime via wifi without an AT&T connection? I’ve just gotten addicted to it and would like to give the old phone to my Dad!

Robin R,
Yes, your iPhone 4 will still be able to use FaceTime as long as it has a wifi connection. Cell service through AT&T isn’t needed.

does facetime have to be used through wi-fi only shouldnt you be able to use it through sprint internet

When I use FaceTime with my son on my iPhone 4′, the picture changes from clear to broken up for me but not for him. What can I do to keep a clear picture?

I do not have a video camera on the facetime, I can call but cannot see the other person

From South Korea, I can call my wife on FaceTime almost anytime I need to, but she is the *only* Apple owner that I can connect to. Thank God for that much, but I have lots of other family and friends that I’d like to talk to as well.

My phone: iPhone 4S from Verizon with an Olleh/KT prepaid SIM card. Everything seems to work as it should on wifi or data in the US.

Wife and brother are both still with Verizon iPhone 4S’s. They can FaceTime each other, and other people.


ive discovered that since i use the same apple id fcor two of my devices i couldnt communicate with each other. the apple id automatically loads the emails assocxiated with it. i deleted the email of the device i was trying to face time to from the device i was facetiming from. hope this helps

I tried several fixes listed on line. Resetting networks worked for me too!

Mine lets me answer, but won’t go any farther then “connecting”

I have the same problem Leah has. I don’t know what to do!

Go into settings>general>restrictions>Enable restrictions>switch FaceTime off then switch it on again

I have tried everything to get my Facetime to connect on my iphone 4 , every time I try calling someone it just says connecting but eventually fails, I don’t get it because my sister facetime works good

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I’ve tried everything suggested in these psges. Nothing works, it’s gotten worse…. Help!