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Download CrossOver Mac for free – offer only available 10/28!

Download CrossOver Mac for free - offer only available 10/28!

The developers of the software, which lets you run popular Windows applications (including some games) on your Mac without needing to purchase a copy of Windows, are kicking their normal $69.95 price tag to the curb today thanks to U.S. President George W. Bush.

How does that make sense? Well, this past summer, CodeWeavers (the makers of CrossOver), launched a promotion called the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge. CEO Jeremy White promised that if President Bush accomplished one of the significant milestones outlined in the company’s proposal, they would offer their software for FREE for one day. CodeWeavers probably never imagined the ever-popular Bush would do anything noteworthy during the last few months of his term in office, and they were actually right. This special offer is taking place due to a technicality, not necessarily a success from Bush.

Nonetheless, one of the goals they initially mentioned was to bring the average gasoline price in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota down to $2.79 per gallon. With U.S. gas prices plunging over the past month or so, that magic number has been reached. As a result, anyone who visits the CodeWeaver website today, October 28, 2008 will be able to sign up for a serial number and download the fully-functioning Pro version of their CrossOver Mac software at no cost! It’s certainly worth checking out and if you’re looking for a way to get out of running Windows on your Mac even though you need to run a few occasional PC programs, this may be your ticket to a Windows-free world. This is not a trial and there are truly no strings attached or hidden fees… just plain ol’ free software.

Get more information about this product and sign up for your free copy of CrossOver Mac at

NOTE: CodeWeavers’ website has been getting hammered since the stroke of midnight, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get on right away. Give it a few minutes and try again because their servers must be taking a beating right now.

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