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Video: Using Active Screen Corners to Boost Productivity in OS X

Video: Using Active Screen Corners to Boost Productivity in OS X

Active Screen Corners is one of the most underrated features of the Mac OS X operating system, mainly because most people don’t even know it exists.

In this helpful video tutorial we’re going to do a thorough overview of Exposé & Spaces in Leopard and show how they can integrate seamlessly with Active Screen Corners to boost your productivity. When you’ve got a lot of application windows open at the same time it can be hard to manage all of them. These great features of Mac OS X can be utilized not only to help organize your open windows, but also to help you effortlessly switch between programs with the simple flick of a mouse. Whether you’re a new Mac user or an experienced veteran, implementing the setup we demonstrate will undoubtedly enhance and improve your Mac experience.


Higher Quality iPod/iPhone Compatible Video Link:
Boost Productivity with Active Screen Corners in OS X (m4v format)

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This tutorial has been the most useful for me. I was used to the greatness of compiz on Unix, and was disappointed by Mac until i saw this site. This is not as awesome as compiz, but its really a great tool.

Thanks again

Thanks! I am a college student and this was very helpful in being organized!

This was a fantastic video and teaching lesson. I am so new to Mac and am so intimidated because I come from windows. I can’t believe all that you can do with what you have shown in your demonstration. You did a great job. But as teachers always do; they go so fast, I will have to watch it again and again. It was great. I hope that you have more out there for me to watch. This was my first.