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And so MacYourself is born…

And so MacYourself is born...

Welcome, and thanks for checking out MacYourself!

The editors of this site are Ant and Frankie P. and here we’re going to offer some tips, fixes, and reviews geared towards the average or new Apple product user. Articles and instructional videos will be posted regularly about Macs, iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, and other related topics. Our goal is to build a useful resource for people to come to when they’re in need of some help or just motivated to learn how to get the most out of their Apple devices. We don’t claim to know everything and may even ask for your help solving some problems we might come across in the future. An active community is critical to the success of any website, so feel free to jump in and comment if you’ve got something to add! 

We won’t be tackling the news and rumors game because it’s too much to keep up with and there are some great sites out there with secret inside sources that we could never match. If something strikes us as interesting or really riles us up, the occasional commentary and opinion article be posted here as well. Hopefully they open up some good discussion about important topics in the Apple world.

So that’s an introduction to what we hope to accomplish with this new site. Contribute as much as you’d like and feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed for notifications about the latest updates. If you like what you see then please help spread the word and tell everyone you know, “Go Mac Yourself!”

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Congratulations chaps!

The new site is great, refreshing and welcoming. I wish you lots of luck for the future, meanwhile keep them tips and fixes coming!