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Classic Apple Mac commercials that relentlessly bash PCs

Classic Apple Mac commercials that relentlessly bash PCs

Apple and Microsoft are currently engaged in an escalating exchange of barbs with their respective TV ad campaigns. Although it’s getting a lot of attention now, Apple has been bashing PCs in their commercials for decades.

It’s really interesting to watch old television commercials because they tend to give you a glimpse at how different things were back in the day. Trends change and companies are constantly revising their approach. The funny thing about Apple’s ads, however, is that their target and overall message has never wavered: Macs are easier to use and far superior to PCs. Whether you agree with that position or not, you’ve got to give them credit for sticking to their guns.

In celebration of the battle that is unfolding on our TV screens before our very eyes between Apple and Microsoft, I thought it would be fun to dig up some of the Mac-maker’s bold PC-bashing commercials from the past. After watching a few of these, you really can’t help but chuckle at how persistent they have been over the years.

Pentium II Snail

Before Apple’s recent switch to Intel processors, they ran on competing PowerPC chips and used them as a selling point for Macs. Aside from being just a little disgusting, this ad was a creative way to visualize how the Pentium II stacked up to what Macs had inside.


What’s the best way to show that Windows sucks? Surely it’s with a kid who wants to see some dinosaurs and ends up walking out on his own father because the neighbor’s Mac can handle the task much faster.

Nightmare Before Christmas

There’s nothing better than getting a brand new computer for the holidays and having to clumsily mess with DOS prompts. Apple really drives home the idea that buying a PC is not unlike letting the Grinch steal Christmas.

Crowd Control

Windows 95 may have taken the world by storm, but that didn’t stop Apple from exploiting its flaws. Featuring a presenter who’s about to have a nervous breakdown on stage, the audience shouts out a number of troubleshooting tips until the real answer finally comes out: “Get a Macintosh!”


Alright, I’m going to be completely honest and admit this one gives me the willies. It’s quite possibly one of the creepiest commercials in TV history, never mind just from Apple. Make sure you watch all the way to the end if you want to get the full Y2K goosebump-ridden experience.

Mac Goes Intel

This ad is more subtle than the others, but you can still pick out the jabs if you look for them. Notice how they make the distinction that Intel chips are being “set free” to do all the things Macs are built to do, whereas before they were “dutifully” doing what PCs were built to do. Sounds like those chips got bored and needed some excitement.

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